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  How long does PRINCE2 Foundation/Practitioner take to achieve?
Posted by: richardwalter - 02-15-2017, 05:10 AM - Forum: Website Management - No Replies


I am planning on investing in an online course/examination package for PRINCE2 next month. I am trying to decide between paying for just the foundation, or getting the foundation and practitioner all in one package. 

The thing that will decide this for me is how long on average does it take to pass either one of these exams? As access to these packs is 365 days, so would it be too much to expect to pass both in a year? Or do they not take very long. I'd hopefully be doing about an hour of study each day at least.

By the way, I am only interested in online study. I will not be doing any classroom based so please don't take this into consideration when giving answers.


About Me:

I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms
You can check Dealer management system video one of my work.

  Prioritising Change Requests
Posted by: richardwalter - 02-15-2017, 05:09 AM - Forum: Website Management - No Replies

I'm working on a project where a number of changes have been requested. There is a limited budget, and previous change process was not effective and is being revised.

I am working on a framework which will prioritise the changes that should be progressed into the implementation phase. I am looking at cost and time impacts. I'm also asking the business to score the changes to reflect importance to the organisation.

Question is, at what point should I request the business to score the CRs in order of priority? Before or after I have the cost and time information? The business will argue to make that decision they'll need to know the costs and time of each change. I'm just conscious that cost and time impacts will influence how important that the business views the change.

My view is that the business should rank changes independently in order to identify the must haves from the should, coulds or won'ts, before cost and time data is introduced and then a further review can take place.

Thoughts welcome

About Me:

I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms
You can check Management Consulting video one of my work.

  Data From Real Projects
Posted by: richardwalter - 02-15-2017, 05:08 AM - Forum: Website Management - No Replies


I'm following a course about project management. We have a group work about project management. We were thinking about collecting data from a real project and analyze it. 

So we would like to get in touch with a project manager who can provide us with data from projects he/she has done. This data can be the concept/definition of the project, list of activities, the schedule, risk analysis, project control, a microsoft project file, other software file,... 

The project management course is given at the university and to MBA students. The focus was on dynamic scheduling (schedule, risk analysis and project control). The methods discussed were PERT/CPM, critical chain/buffer management and EVM.

The data will not be share or published.

If you want we can give you the final report.

I hope someone can help us, thanks in advance!

About Me:

I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms
You can check Sales automation video one of my work.

  Junior PM needs advice - potentially being moved to a project in delivery
Posted by: richardwalter - 02-15-2017, 05:06 AM - Forum: Website Management - No Replies

Hi all

I'm a junior PM with one project under my belt which is just going into closure stage. 

One of my colleagues is in the first stage of delivery for a lrg scale/ strategic project, and I have been approached to pick up the PM role for his project while he moves onto something new? This project has another 18months to go. 

1. Is this normal practice or even good practice? He has been on involved since pre-project so knows it inside & out. I appreciate there can be lots of good reasons for changes in the PM. However, I'm concerned at the risk of placing a less experienced PM on this project - large scale etc. I feel very uncomfortable and somewhat manoeuvred in this situation. I have expressed my concern but feel it is going to happen regardless. I'd appreciate some different perspectives to help me process these developments.

2. As a learning PM - are my learning opportunities likely to be hindered by taking on a project that is at delivery stage? 

Thanks in advance.

About Me:

I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms
You can check Marketing automation software video one of my work.

  Some problems with the main content and aligning footer
Posted by: richardwalter - 02-14-2017, 08:22 AM - Forum: Website Management - No Replies

As you can see, the footer won't stay at the bottom of the webpage, even though it is set to position absolute and with a bottom of 0. I can't really figure out why. I want the footer to be pressed to the very bottom of the webpage, even below the container.

Also, I have some problems in my #mainContent. I have tried to make a design with one side of content and the other side with a sidebar, but it doesn't quite seem to line up. Either the content is pushed down, or the sidebar content is being pushed down and I don't know why this is happening.

In advance, thanks!

About Me:

I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms
You can check Mobile app explainer video one of my work.

  inline-block with Adsense Script
Posted by: richardwalter - 02-14-2017, 08:20 AM - Forum: Website Management - No Replies

Now in the third DIV, there is this Google AdSense div (which is on display: block), but if I try to change the DIV's height to a smaller one, the ad will just flood over the div for some reason. This doesn't happen if I dont set display: inline-block, but I need that setting.


About Me:

I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms
You can check Content Curation tool video one of my work.

  Simple login/register system
Posted by: richardwalter - 02-14-2017, 08:19 AM - Forum: Website Management - No Replies

Hello guys, ALL I want is to make my website connect to my mysql database and make a simple register/login system.. I looked over tutorials but they are more like copy/paste I can't learn how to do that with the button that I make on my websie [Image: frown.gif] if anyone is available to help me please reply.. all I want is to understand how to make that register/login php is so hard 


About Me:

I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms
You can check Cloud Explainer video one of my work.

  How to Create a advertising web-site
Posted by: richardwalter - 02-14-2017, 08:16 AM - Forum: Website Management - No Replies

i am a new html developer, i am stuying html ,Sql server and ADO.net , i am trying to start a local web-site for my home town so they can sell stuff to each other, but i have a big problem, i don't know where to start, i really need someone to give me a general view on what i will need, and how it will cost me in average ! 

thank you guys,

About Me:

I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms
You can check Landing page video one of my work.

  Tips to build a successful website
Posted by: richardwalter - 02-13-2017, 08:02 AM - Forum: Website Management - No Replies

How to build a successful website? If you are looking for the solutions on the internet, you will find many suggestions from the experts, Generally speaking, these solutions include more than just 3 parts: Optimize your site for search engines(SEO), Use a good design and layout, Keep your content updated. I must admit that these solutions are effective and reasonable, but they are not the key elements of a successful website. Why? Search engine optimization can help improve your website visibility in order to bring more traffic to your site, but if your website is useless to visitors, they will close the page in 3 seconds and never come back again. As for design and layout, whether we like it or not there is significant evidence that you can create a successful website with bad design, terrible code. You only need to look at the design of Craigslist or the code of Amazon to see that this is true. I have talked to many web designers about craigslist - obviously one of the most popular websites in the world. While they accept that craigslist is hugely successful- it would be hard for them not to - they claim that it is successful despite its terrible, outdated, text-heavy, ugly non-design. Keeping website content fresh is truly important, if your website is popular enouth, your visitors will generate contents for you. If not, it will be turned to a tough work for you.


About Me:

I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms
You can check Expert Tips for Video Productions one of my work.

  puma blaze pas cher
Posted by: Zoe Kitto - 01-07-2017, 03:56 AM - Forum: Website Management - No Replies

La Nike SB Dunk a toujours été puma blaze pas cher un des modèles les plus éclectiques et diversifiés de Nike. Une partie de ce succès a à voir avec le fait que le modèle de basket-ball une fois supérieure a transformé en un classique de patin au cours des dernières décennies, tandis que les panneaux simples et emblématiques rendent facile de maintenir un certain nombre de textures, graphiques et matériaux différents. Nike SB va tout sortir avec la silhouette de cette saison d'été 2016 comme un certain nombre de paires graphiques lourds sont sûrs d'être de grands succès. La tradition éternelle d'Elephant Print est de retour sur la Nike SB Dunk Low avec un fond de gomme contrastante mais classique. Une impression psychédélique Grateful Dead-esque complète avec iridescence frappe le Nike SB Dunk High. Même les pique-niques d'été sont référencés à travers un dessus intelligent infesté de fourmi. Découvrez ce qui est sur l'ardoise de sortie pour le Nike Dunk ci-dessous et nous allons vous tenir au courant des dates de sortie ici sur Sneaker News. 

Le Nike Air Foamposite One maintient l'été avec cette vibrante couleur jaune optique, mais ce qui est en magasin pour les derniers mois de 2016? La saison des fêtes aura un prochain coloriage Maroon / Gum avec cette nouvelle nuance Night Maroon tout au puma trinomic r698 noir long du haut tandis qu'un classique Gum Light Brown frappe la semelle extérieure pour un look premium prêt à prospérer à la fois sur et hors de la cour. Plus de photos de la dernière Nike Foamposite ci-dessous et nous allons vous tenir au courant d'une date de sortie ici sur Sneaker Nouvelles. 

Le Nike Sock Dart, tout comme le Nike Presto, a montré que beaucoup de la technologie qui est entré dans puma r698 acheter sa création des années 2000 est aussi pertinent que jamais aujourd'hui. Pour la Sock Dart, la tige respirante a servi de précurseur à la technologie Flyknit tandis que la semelle a ajouté une touche de mouvement naturel, même dans les jours pré-Free. Aujourd'hui, nous avons un regard sur un mode de vie style féminin exclusif colorway s avec une profonde nuance nuit Maroon. La paire transforme la sangle de mi-pied habituellement transparente à travers un éclaboussement d'une nuance assortie et des touches métalliques dorées sur la sangle pour correspondre à la semelle de gomme classique. Quels sont les résultats d'un Sock Dart parfait pour toute occasion. Découvrez plus de photos ci-dessous et sachez que vous pouvez prendre cette paire aujourd'hui auprès de détaillants comme Oneness pour 130 USD. 

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