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How To Purchase Ad Space on This forum - chad - 06-16-2016

Great News.

Anyone with any site can now purchase banner ad space on this forum.

Available Ad sizes are.
728x90 location Top of this forum.
300x250 location in all first posts on this forum. Example is if you see the ads above this post then that is is how they'll show in all threads. Your ads will be rotated among other ads.

How To Purchase AD Space
To purchase banner ad space go to http://webmasterbabble.com/ads/

Register an account and then upload your banner and fund your account via paypal.

ADS will be approved automatically and should show up right away.

The cost is currently just 10 cents per thousand impressions.  As Traffic Grows I may increase this cost to at least a few dollars. But for now until the traffic grows I'll keep it at 10 cents. 

Your User CP on the ad network allows you to upload banners yourself, you can also see how many ad impressions are left on your ad and see how many clicks you received.

Ads will be rotated among others when someone loads a page on the forum or blog.

The only rules are.

Adverts to sites with Adult content are not allowed.

Also any adverts that go to a site contain Malware will be removed from the system.

Please note: A minimum payment of $3.00 is needed to fund the account. 

This is due to paypals fees. Any funds  paid under this amount will be refunded to the customer and ads won't show up. 

I wouldn't do this but have to due to paypals fees. 

Promote your banner ad or affiliate banner today.

Webmasterbabble.com is an established and growing forum that's been online since Feb 9th 2012.

That's over 4 years. Traffic is growing everyday.

RE: How To Purchase Ad Space on This forum 10 cents cpm - chad - 07-07-2016

Here are the current traffic stats of webmasterbabble.com




If your funds aren't added to your account after making payment send me a support ticket at http://webmasterbabble.com/support/ I'll manually add the funds.

RE: How To Purchase Ad Space on This forum - chad - 12-18-2017

Due to a payment processing problem with the ad script and paypal I'm temporarily not accepting new ads or payments.
I hope to have this resolves as soon as possible though.