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VPN not working - richardwalter - 01-05-2017

I have a brand new RT1900ac which works fine, except VPN. I had VPN working with a DS214 before, and it worked flawlessly.

- I have installed the VPN server package
- I have set up the LT2P/IPSec with a pre shared key
- I have created and allowed the VPN user
- I have opened the VPN ports in the firewall (There are two built-in app ports to enable for LT2P/IPsec, one is port 1701, the other is ports 500/4500)

From windows 7, I can connect to the VPN server from outside (the whole connection process is successful)

BUT : I have no connection to any IP from the router local network.

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RE: VPN not working - rosestorm - 01-12-2017

Maybe problem:
The VPN connection being rejected.
The acceptance of an unauthorized connection.
The inability to reach locations that lie beyond the VPN server.
The inability to establish a tunnel