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Webmasterbabble.com Rules
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Webmasterbabble.com Rules
These are the rules for webmasterbabble.com these rules are written to explain what is and isn't allowed
on webmasterbabble.com forums.

These rules are put into place to make this forum a great community. We hope that users will follow these rules
violation of these rules could lead to a warning, a temp ban or in more serious cases a permanent ban from these

We all hate spam on every website and in emails. Spam usually doesn't last very long on these forums. The spam
will most likely be noticed right away and removed or at least removed within 24 hours.

Spam does NOT stay permanently on these forums. Spamming the forum will also result in a permanent ban.

Self Promotion of your website
Self Promotion of your website is allowed on these forums. But only in the site reviews section and in your signature.
You may also link to your site in a thread if the site/article on your site is relevant and helpful to the topic at hand.

Please don't start a thread in other forums to just link to your site. The link will be removed and sometimes the whole thread will also be removed and you'll receive a warning. If you add your link again the link will be removed
again and you'll get a permanent ban.

Due to spammers spamming the forum. I have decided to require approval of all new users first post before they may post without restrictions.

Once your first post is approved by and admin/mod then your other posts will show up automatically.

Please be patient as it can take a little while to get to the posts and approve them.

If it's not spam then it will show up.

Posts could be approved within minutes of you posting or it could take a day depending on the volume of posts needing approved.

Thanks for understanding. Smile

Max size of avatars is set to 140x140
and 100 kb.

Avatars can be plain avatars or can also be animated.

Promotion of Your Services
Promotion of your services is allowed in the advertising section and if your services are what the user is looking for in a thread you may post your offers to the user in their thread if it's something they're looking for.

Signature Requirements
Signatures at webmasterbabble.com will be available to users once they reach 10 posts.

The edit sig option in your usr cp is disabled until your post count hits 10. Once you have 10 posts the edit signature link will show up in your usr cp.

These rules are not complete yet and will be updated overtime.
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Adding to the rules.

Affiliate Links

Most forums don't allow users to post affiliate links in their posts. But I'm gonna be different with this forum and allow
affiliate links to be posted. As long as the post and link is helpful to the user. You may post the affiliate link.

Posts that aren't useful and just have an affiliate link thrown in will be removed.

Affiliate links may also be added to your signature.
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Currently the moderation queue for posts is broken due to the forum upgrade. So for the time being until it's fixed posts will automatically show for new users.

I may just leave it this way as now I have a way to just purge the spammer. If spam is posted on the forum which I check everyday then I can just hit one button and the spammers posts/threads will be removed all at once and their account banned.

Spammers will be removed from the forum and their accounts banned. Please report any spam you happen to see that I may have missed.
Questions & Answer Website Ask or answer questions on any topic.

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