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Feedback: All new users will have their first posts approved before going live

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Due to the spam having to be deleted from this forum. I've decided to require approval of every new users first post before they show up on the forum.

Having to approve these new posts will keep the spam off of the forum.

Please be patient while I get to your posts/threads and approve them.

I thank you for your understanding in this matter.

My goal is to make this a great forum and having spam on the forum doesn't make it great. lol


Edit: There's a problem currently with the approval process of users new post. 

For now the posts will show up without approval. 

Things went wacky with it when I upgraded the forum software. 

Any posts new users make will automatically show up on the forum.

If you're a spammer I can now just click one button and your posts/threads will all be removed and your account banned. 

All with just one click.
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I think that's a great idea Chad. I hate spam and it's great to know I won't see it on this forum at all.

I'm a member of other forums that do this. And I wouldn't have a problem with my posts being moderated before showing up on here if I was new.
I think it's a good idea too. I'm new here and didn't mind having my first post moderated.

I'm surprised it was approved so fast. My first post was approved within 2 minutes. Admin must have been on and moderating posts as I was posting.

Thanks for keeping this a clean forum. And for being so fast as to approving my post.
I think this good idea too.We need more serious.
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I think this good idea too.We need more serious.

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