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Free domain?
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How about free domain? Is it worth if we host our site with free domain?
I haven't heard yet about any company provides Free Domain name, Yes you can get Free Hosting for sure.
(03-13-2014, 02:14 AM)dellerictwen Wrote: How about free domain? Is it worth if we host our site with free domain?

Yes,it is worth...also it depends on the reliability of the provider.I got a free domain name along with my hosting service from Tucktail.com .Till now I have no problem with it...contains my necessary business keywords, with top TLD, and easy to remember too...
That's really great to hear that TuckTail.com offer TLDs. Gonna try them asap Smile
I'm not sure if they also provide you with a free domain name, most of them attach their name with the URL. E.g. if I want to have a website on photography, named "zOSphotography.com" and the host is say "somehost.com" the actual URL would be "zOSphotography.somehost.com" -- which sometimes does really convey, to end user, what your site is all about and might lower its rank...fwiw.
I have heard of a site called freenom.
They offer free tld's.
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Well it is possible and free web domain provides free domain options, because many users prefer to host free domains, although it doesn't happen frequently.
If you not going for a .com, then I see no problem with a free domain. It wouldn't be any different than having a .info, .biz, .net etc.. However, if your going for the .com, then one big motive might be memorablity. For instance, if you have a site called webhosting, then people would assume it's webhosting.com

However, you might be able to train an audience to remember the different extention. Like if the marketing emphasized webhosting.biz, then maybe that would do something. Myself, I like non .com domains and one is doing quite well.
[Image: 00010030.gif]
Do not use a free domain, weak....
whether top seo domain free is very difficult

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