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Free domain?
Often you buy host will be awarded a free domain name. Ex : Godady...
I have never heard about free domain.
free domain should build for backlink or seo. dont use it as a main
Instead of using free domain , you can build free website on wordpress.com or blogger
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should not use a free domain name, it is not good for seo.
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yes. you can use blogspot. 453
very much.big you can log in godaddy

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it's like not only good for seo blog, and you save your web domain name for free is to let your domain name more valuable severance
I'm not sure if they also provide you with a free domain name, most of them attach their name with the URL. E.g. if I want to have a website on photography, named "zOSphotography.com" and the host is say "somehost.com" the actual URL would be "zOSphotography.somehost.com" -- which sometimes does really convey, to end user, what your site is all about and might lower its rank...fwiw.
Wy choose free domain? Paid domain is expensive now, go and get one.

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