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What's the lifespan of an lcd computer monitor?
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I have an lcd computer monitor that's been in constant use for 5 years now.

How much longer do you think this thing will last?

How long have you had yours last?

It could last another 5 years. I've heard of some lasting 11 years.

Though the one I had lasted for only 4 years.

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I have a Dell Monitor going on 11 years and it's working just fine.

Though I don't expect it to last much longer. Planning to upgrade my computer and a new lcd will be included. So if it'll last at least another year I'll be happy.

(01-08-2013, 04:37 PM)Joshua Wrote: I have a Dell Monitor going on 11 years and it's working just fine.

WOW. 11 years? I hope my next lcd monitor, (using a crt at the moment) last 11 years. Or even 10 years, I'd be happy.

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It's so long time...
it really is okay
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What Is the Life Span of a Computer Monitor?

That's true of many components. Run at lower output = longer life.

Linux, Windows, MacOS all offer power saving settings that you can program to shut the monitor off after so many minutes. The new monitors are designed for this to save power and this does extend the life.

In the case of a laptop, I maintain it's not as big a deal since I'm seeing 4 years tops for office machines when keeping the old (now slow) machine around costs us more than replacing it with spiffy new fast machines.
You have to spend a significant cost to purchase on a computer screen to "war" game, but sometimes the life of your LCD screen is not like the manufacturer announced. So whether product quality due to disqualification or by you reduce the life of your desktop. So, today MekongT introduces you to some small note to increase the longevity of your LCD screen.

· Power supply input. You should regularly check and ensure that your power supply input suitable for computer screens and stable
If the power is too high or too low, often abrupt changes it is best that you use the recommended adjusting the voltage regulator and power stability for your LCD monitor.
· Absolutely no to your screen in places prone to the effects of weather such as rain, sun, temperature is too high ... or where adjectives would streaks appear on the desktop. top of that, some families have a habit of television tucked into a cabinet frame to save space, but that's because wrongdoing will prevent the TV can not escape the heat, negative impact on the longevity of the machine.
· Note when cleaning the screen, you should not wipe with a cloth or brush the screen that should suit a soft cloth (because only a handful of dust or sand can also scratch the LCD), it is best to use soft cotton cloth (not should use waterproof fabrics and rough). You need to pay attention, do not use toilet paper or paper towel as this can scratch the screen.

· Do not turn off the LCD screen continuously open even though many people think that helps save power, but in fact it is very harmful to the plant. Because every time you open the machine is once shaped lights and thumping was current, aging increases the cathode, which affect electron emission capability. Thus is shortened service life of the TV. In a short time the TV is turned off several times, picture tubes are also electric current many times stronger impact should be very harmful.

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