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How often do you check your email accounts?
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How often do you login to your email accounts to check for new emails?

I check mine once every 2 hours. There's usually no new email when I do check it.

Well scratch that. There are new emails, but mostly spam emails. lol

Personal emails I check about once a day or every other day.

Business email/emails are constantly open and checked every 2-10 minutes. That's because we try and respond to any business related emails asap.

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I check my emails every 3-4 hours everyday.
i usually check my mails, 1-2 hours everyday
I check mail once every 1 hours.
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My answer to the question would be 'As often as you absolutely need to, and no more.' Even if you get 100 emails per day, if they're not time-critical it'll be more efficient to respond to them in one block at the end of the day. That way processing email is a discrete task, rather than a continuous interruption.

If you're responding to customer service requests (or impatient bosses), that's not going to work. But you can still set up filters to make sure you're only notified about messages from certain senders, or with certain words in the subject line. AwayFind is a great tool to extend this idea.

The problem with email management is psychological. It's a great way of procrastinating while still feeling like you're working. You could sit answering emails all day, conning yourself that it means you're too busy to take on the difficult, uncomfortable project that really matters. Don't do it.
I sign in my email account on my Phone, so whenever there is a new email, I'll receive the notification and check it. I also use an extra email for registering accounts on forums or social networks in order to prevent my official account from spam emails Big Grin.
I have many email. But I only check one if them 3 times a day.
Threetimes a day.
I check my email box all the times, once per hour

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