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Why won't my crt monitor die?
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I have a crt monitor from the 90s that I've been using for 10 years now. It came with a computer I bought at a pawn shop.

I'd like to replace the monitor with an lcd screen. But don't want too spend the money until this old crt goes.

CRT works fine. Seems like it's gonna live forever. lol

I'd sell it or even just give it away if someone wanted it. Does anyone want these things anymore?

I don't want to throw it in the landfill when it's still working.
Those crts "Cathode Ray Tube" TV's and monitors are pretty trusty. I had an lc monitor that came with my first new computer and the lcd died within 4 years.

I still have lots of crt monitors that I've pulled out of dumpsters or people have dropped off for me. And they're from the 90s as well.

Still working fine and show no signs of kicking the bucket.

I use crt monitors mainly with my old windows xp computer to watch youtube and other videos on.

I don't like them anymore for browsing the web. But for watching videos or viewing pictures the monitors are okay.

The one I'm currently using has some dirt or something that seems to be embedded in a scratch on the screen and I can't get it out. But I'm not concerned about it at all.

It's just in the lower corner of the screen.

I picked up a flat screen crt tv from the dumpster today. I saw a guy throw it in there and after throwing it in the dumpster it still works great.

It's only a 2005 model. I like crts for tvs better. But for viewing the web I like lcd's.

I've got plenty of crt tvs and monitors to tie me over. They might last me the rest of my life.

I see no reason to throw it out if it's still working. And I'm glad I saw that guy throwing that tv away today and could save it from the landfill.

It's a waste to throw it out if it's still working. It's hard to give them away today as not many people want them.

I still do. I might have to build a shed just to put all my crt monitors and tvs in. lol

I think shows look better on crt than they do on lcd.
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You can try reselling them in some online shopping websites. There are numerous shopping networks today that help selling old products online.
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You sell them on those websites online sales . The network is broad and I think there will be buyers.
I'm still using my old made in 1993 CRT Microscan Monitor with my windows xp desktop

I have Amos and Andy playing on right now. Still showing no signs of dying.

I was 5 years old when the microscan crt monitor from 1993 was new. I'll be 28 on March 8th 2016.

That makes the crt monitor i'm currently using 23 years old.
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Well this sucks. My laptop screen is going out. Has lots of lines on it, turning yellow and everything else.

Good thing I had a backup crt monitor.

The computer itself is still working so I'll probably just get an lcd monitor for it until I get some more money to buy another computer.

I had this laptop for 3 years.

The good old trusty crt is working. So I'll be able to get by with the crt until I get the money for the new lcd external monitor for the laptop.

Probably just gonna eventually get a new desktop with lcd monitor.
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electronics always bring us unexpected troubles.
I think you should keep as souvenirs, maybe later it will cost than ever!
to be hornest, i have got one CRT mornitor until last spring, i decided to throw it and pick one LED mornitor (1600x900, not full HD), and, yahoo, that's the best thing i ever ever decided all my entire life so far!
nahhhh, you shouldn't sell it, you must keep it, buy a new LCD screen, CRT would be an aminal reserve

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