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Why won't my crt monitor die?
(06-24-2016, 10:10 AM)tommy808 Wrote: nahhhh, you shouldn't sell it, you must keep it, buy a new LCD screen, CRT would be an aminal reserve

I just found an lcd monitor that was thrown away in the dumpster yesterday. 

It does have a few little minor scratches in the screen but works wonderfully other than that. 

I was using my old 20 year old crt. Now I'm using the lcd and I love it much better. 

I can deal with the scratches. 

They're barely noticeable. 

Now I have the monitor setup at the right height and my neck feels much better using looking at the screen. 

That crt was still working great. It might outlive me. 

It is good to keep a crt in reserve in case your lcd suddenly dies on you and you're in the middle of something and can't run out and get a new lcd right away. 

Those crt's were built to last.
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Running Windows XP Service Pack 1, video card is an Nvidia GX 5200. Monitor is an 21" CRT by IBM, and it's at least ten years old.

Last night I left Lego Star Wars on overnight. When I woke up this morning, the color red no longer displays. Things which should be red are just black. Colors which have no red hue in them still display fine.

Given that it happened overnight and nothing changed, am I right to assume that leaving a graphics heavy game running for too long just overtaxed my really old monitor, and killed something inside it?

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