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Which hosting is better Windows or Linux?
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Hello guys,

Need one help,

Which hosting is better Windows or Linux?
Kindly suggest.
What is the benefits of Windows or Linux?

Thank you,
The choice depends on your needs and requirements. Linux offers more security compared to Windows, but Windows offer you easy access to your server using remote desktop connection. Usually Linux servers come at a cheaper price compared to Windows server.
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I think window better than linux because windows has more software and more commercial support. xD
I think The Windows because The Windows OS provides many new tools and features that focus on improved productivity through improved usability. This new OS has been constructed to be more intuitive and less distracting (no more annoying and unnecessary pop-ups notifying the user that there is a notification for the user).
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(08-07-2015, 06:19 PM)AndyJames Wrote: Hello guys,

Need one help,

Which hosting is better Windows or Linux?
Kindly suggest.
What is the benefits of Windows or Linux?

Thank you,

Hello U too

It highly depends on what you are comfortable with. Basically, Linux machines are considered to be more secure and you will also get them cheaper because you won’t pay for Windows licence.
Comparatively Linux has become more secure rather then Windows but it depends on your requirements that what you really want.
I think its totally depends on need and Linux is my choice .
The first difference is how you access the server. Generally supports both FTP - the most popular way to access today. However, Linux only supports telnet or ssh is. However, this does not matter to the majority of users. Very few people need to telnet or ssh command to perform some or modified directly on the server. Moreover, most of them can make a change in the personal computer, then use ftp, telnet or ssh to transfer to the server.
The second difference Linux and Windows support different languages. While Linux tends to support PHP, Perl and CGI, Windows again comes with ColdFusion, ASP and .NET. However, you also do not have too much trouble finding Linux hosting support Mono (help run .NET applications on Linux), or is looking for Windows hosting supports PHP, Perl. Similar to a database system, both of which support MySQL. But if using Access or MS SQL, you will need Windows hosting. Even if you use the same programming language, syntax for Linux and Windows is different. For example, in Linux you use "/" to separate folders, and Windows is the sign opposite: "". Pay attention to the details when designing applications. For best results, keep using the "/" both Linux and Windows which is supported in most cases.
Score is third difference is in terms of security, many people tend to criticize Windows has too many loopholes. In fact, the number of Linux security flaws and Windows equally well, but the Linux patch faster thanks to free and open source around. The Windows hosting is often just patched whenever a new service pack (usually a new year). In addition, the security depends on network administrators. With a good management then your website will always be safe even if you use the operating system whatsoever.
So, it's better, choose a hosting service based on the functionality that vendors offer, rather than relying on the operating system they use. However, if your website requires a certain language, careful inspection before registration services. Often the hosting contract lasting at least 1 year. Finally, the content is more important website. Users do not care about you using Linux or Windows.

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