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How can I start my new buieness?
It's not simple to do it, you need more time and experience to know it clearly.
you can search on google..many information
You can PL and author
You can start with ProductLaunch and ClickBank
1st, you should start to learn to fix your grammar problem.
2nd, each business has it own way to go, what kind of business you want to develope ? Give us some lead pleas.
3rd, hardwork. Even if you're born with talent, hardwork will make you become even better.
What do you need ? Real customer ? Here's how you can get them:
If you want to learn basic skill for marketing. Just start with product luanch .!
Dont worry Money is not the key issue is that you have to love it,
Good luck to you
LOL i think u right....i want to study ...but when i studying....i very want to sleep ^^
voyage vietnam
Love All People ^.^ Heart
Do you want to open a website? If yes, I think you can apply some friendly-user Magento extensions for your web like Magento 2_Reward point extension
Magento 2_ Mega menu extension, Magento 2_Social login extension. I also consider it for my site ^^.
I think you should do jvzoo
Remember this: Nobody who starts their initial business, has experience starting a business.
Business education is easy, making sure that you are prepared to start and succeed is the tough part. My suggestion is to first get clear on why you want to start a new business, then gain an understanding of what owning that type of business will be like, and then finally getting that education and experience….


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