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how can i get my blog on top google ?
(01-15-2016, 10:23 PM)andyle Wrote: hello
i have a blog
how can i get my blog on top google ?

The most inportant is that you have to write high-quality content. It must be useful for readers. Then SEO it and run ads if you have budget.
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I very well agree with a compelling content to catch the attention of your blog audiences.
Quality catchy content + good not spammy links
Search trending & unique blog with Write quality content. It may be chances first on google ranking.
Create blog always on platform which is popular, bloggger, wordpress and weebly is the no.1 blogging site today which also have good rank in google. Also make backlink and get it from authorative sites to have improvement on ranking. At least wait for 1 year and do hard work daily. Post unique content and use h1 h2 tags always in post. Write user friendly and useful content.

Always keep eyes on competitor backlink and keep yourself one step forward than them.
Write unique and user-friendly content. Always share useful information to the user. And then share your posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest and Instagram etc.
having high DA backlink and high quality reputed blog and good authentic content you can get high in google

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