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what is google bowling?
Google Bowling - Google Checked penalties to harm competitor life
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Since Google Bombing (see below) can be used to artificially inflate the search engine rankings for a page, Google responded by looking for unnatural linking patterns. While only Google knows for sure how this is handled, my theories are that it looks for site-wide links, excessive growth in links from a large number of web sites, so-called bad neighborhoods, and excessive percentage of inbound links all having the same anchor text.
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Thanks for the useful information
Google Bowling is an SEO technique that is capable of decreasing a competitor's rank in the Search Engine
Google Bowling means Manipulating the external ranking factors that Google uses to penalize a site against your competitors (or someone you just don’t like or want to appear in the SERPs).
There is one thing that protects a website against Google Bowling - a solid back link profile of its own. The more your "real" quality backlinks grow, the less anyone Else's malicious actions can affect it.
(04-13-2016, 12:09 AM)David Ho Wrote: what is google bowling?

Google bowling is a reverse SEO, in which external link factors are measured that are used to decrease the page rank of its competitor by black hat seo techniques.

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