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How can I make money freelancing?
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Hey Guys, I have experience affiliate marketing, web design and development and want to make money using my skills. Where do I start? anyone here is working as a freelancer, share me any tips?
I also look forward to sharing experiences from the freelancer
I'm working in freelancer.com And i'm copywriter . You can start at that website.! Sorry my english is not good. i'm from italian
Sale online any country u need language in country. This my experience ^^
voyage vietnam
Love All People ^.^ Heart
I am also starting this work, there is something we share experience
(09-05-2016, 08:15 PM)dieubaoanh Wrote: Sale online any country u need language in country. This my experience ^^

How do you find good suppliers?
I have my online store. I sell quality children's toys. I, too, have been looking for a reliable supplier of children's toys for a long time. I was looking for a company on the Internet. Unfortunately now there are a lot of scammers, also I came across the fact that many suppliers deliver goods not in time. I decided to check the company through the Internet, I always read reviews about different suppliers. The Internet has a lot of information on this topic. On one site I found a very useful site https://datapo.com/en/ . Through this online service, you can check the legality of the company, see if they have permits and what materials they use. This is very useful in business.
I work as Translator and Social Media Manager but thinking of running my own online business related to cloth and beauty products. In addition, I have two kids and want them to study well, so had to hire maths tutors for them here.

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