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Windows Data Recovery
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Perfect Windows Data Recovery Software Which can easily recovers lost/deleted data and also data lost due to formatting or corruption of partitions of data storage devices such as, internal/external hard disks, USB drives, Memory Cards etc.This software also provides you feature to search NTFS partitions, which should be used when the software does not display all available NTFS partitions by default.

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By using an effective and comprehensive Windows data recovery software, you can easily recover permanently deleted or inaccessible data from Windows computer system. The software is capable to recover data from damaged. corrupted or re-formatted hard disk of Windows operating system. It also supports to recover data from Windows FAT/NTFS partitions and various external devices like SATA, PAN, ZIP, IDE, EIDE, SCSI, and USB drives. For more information, visit: http://www.recoverlostwindowsdata.recove...ition.com/
In addition to begin using Windows Phone 8.1, users should also pay attention to the new backup feature that Microsoft completely upgrade than on Windows Phone 8 as:
- App Backup: Backup Application
- Phone Settings: Backup settings
- Text Messages: Backup message
All are in sync with OneDrive cloud services can help users easily restore them if needed.
You can find this feature at the interface backup settings (Settings) of the device, namely Settings> Backup. Here you proceed to press to ON to enable or OFF to turn off backup at each backup options that you need, then click Backup Now to begin the backup process.
Manage Backups option will display a list of the previous backup of the device, you can delete or select the backup point you need.
Note that you should pick back up when there is a WiFi connection in order to improve the speed of downloading data up or down, on the other hand also saves costs. Of course, your data will be backed up in OneDrive then. You can see that your backup space used by visiting Settings> Backup> Apps + Settings> Manage Backups. You will find below the information on the traffic backup that you used in OneDrive. My example here is "Using 1.11 MB / 28GB from One Drive."
Restore the data
After conducting reset the device, you use the Microsoft account that you have backed up data to log in and use the device. Then you use a WiFi connection to expedite the process of restoring data on Windows Phone 8.1 devices, as Windows Phone 8.1 will load the backup from OneDrive.
After reset the device, you will not be able to use the applications already installed on the SD card, so you have to run the installation again.

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