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How to write an ebook?
(08-18-2016, 03:51 AM)gummy123 Wrote: The content of your eBook is the most important part. This is where you deliver the value.
If you’re trying to teach your audience something with your eBook (like I’m doing with my study guide), you want to start off by asking the following questions:
  • Who is my ideal target person?

  • What EXACTLY is my audience trying to accomplish and how is the content of my eBook related to their goals?

  • What struggles will they encounter as they try to reach their goal(s)?

  • How can you best create content that helps your ideal target people accomplish their goals and overcome their struggles?
Once you’re very clear on the answers to the above questions, start writing.
First of all, before thinking of writing anything, you need to see if your idea is good enough. You can has the most amazing book in the world but no one buys it because only few people think your idea is good. And those people are not aware of your book.
Ask people around you about your idea, see if they like it. Ask people in your facebook, instagram, tweeter... anywhere! Collect as many answers as possible and then you think if your idea is actually a good idea.

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