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The Best list of Funny WiFi Funny Names
Answerpail.com Question and Answer Website
Here I'll link to a Source to be cool. I've found this article on the Web and it made me cool 

It's about Funny WiFi Names and the list has 250+ Cool WiFi Names to select from , I'll list some of them here.

[Image: Funny-WiFi-Network-Names.jpg]
[Image: Best-WiFi-Names.jpg][Image: Cool-WiFi-Names.jpg]

For More visit the Source : Funny WiFi Names
so you do not need to pass to conect?
if you know all the more interesting password anyway ! haha
[Image: onebanner3.gif]
Hey, Athmailnitor!

You collected some of the Cool SSID names From the Internet Today. Although, The list contains some of the Best and Funny Wifi names . I find,  Go Home Tourists name very interesting Lol. !  Idea 271
It's always confused anytime asking for password at my friends' house Big Grin
No wifi use your 3G Smile
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Tks for you ideas. I think I can use some of them to shock everyone being near my house Smile))
"There's no wifi, use another" Smile)
So funny. I saw a wifi name: Nobody Smile
Funny 458
By the way guys, who knows how to boost wifi signal?

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