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Booking made better with Magebay
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Booking made better with Magebay.
a hassle-free experience for you and your customers. Accept bookings and payments online from your website, anywhere and anytime, with magebay. get started today for 90 days FREE, no credit card needed, no commitments with commission free.
Grow your commerce with attract more customers
Magebay offers a unique experience to your commerce and, more importantly, your customers. and our great looking with easy to employ tools, Magebay makes managing and growing your business easy, enjoyable with stress free from one getting go.

Accept bookings online 24/7, anywhere and anytime.
Integrate our incredible tablet and mobile ready online booking systems, along with marketing kits to help grow your trade and accept more online bookings, in and outside about commerce hours. Need a website?

[Image: frontend-detail-rent1.png]
administer availability, payments and much more with magebay.
grasp a hassle out of managing your commerce with let magebay become apart about your daily customary. administer availability, payments, staff, customers with more in your secure, nice with simple to use dashboard.

Affordable, bendy & commission free pricing. Cancel anytime.
Subscription plans perfect for slight or large businesses that accept bookings online. Pay monthly with cancel your subscription at any time. No obligations, no catches with no commission.

proposal self service bookings online 24/7 in style, from your site with Facebook page
Integrate our secure booking site into your own website in minutes with notice your online bookings grow. bitterly customise appearance, content, integrate add-ons with much more, to offer the unique experience to your customers who book from home or on the go.
Gain time to focus on your customer’s experience with let our simple-to-use dashboard do remainder
Access your dashboard anywhere, securely in a cloud, on our tablet and mobile ready web-based app. Magebay has everything you need from managing bookings, payments and staff, to marketing kits to help boost your revenue.
product designer — WooCommerce plugin

products designer works alongside WooCommerce to that helps you plan and sell any kind about product. This tool is brilliant for creating with designing custom mugs, shoes, cards, hats, calendars stickers with more. There are many sites that feature these kinds about tools where a few years ago there were shockingly few.

fancy product designer is the kit that responds fast to help customers create enlarge the personal touch to products. the idea bum Fancy Product conceive is to give people one interactive way to customize a product. products designer showcases what a software revolution may extremely do for people. It has democratized design in such a way that anyone who has one correct tools may become the designer. This HTML5 plugin responds quickly and is optimized to job on all devices. This is a about the most rapid tools about its kind available on WordPress. one design surroundings lets users create using layers about text and/or graphics.
[Image: create-product-color.png]
a user interface is customizable with works flawlessly and a WooCommerce Plugin. There are plenty about setting option in the admin panel that will help you manage pricing, sharing and user options. Set variable prices based upon the options chosen. For example you may charge additional for multiple layers or multiple products. For user options you may let users upload their own files, share their conceive on Facebook or Instagram with more. This product can give your visitors a power to create. This may be a valuable asset to any online store.
Optimized for mobile with desktop
Compatible and IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera with Chrome
Allow users to create custom products
Supports dossier upload of photos/images
Variable pricing
Multiple Layers
Text with multiple media sources
Advanced color options
Customize user interface
Clean code
easy to follow documentation
Works and WooCommerce
Supports Sharing via social networks
Thanks information from you, I will make a reservation then your guide
Thanks for sharing this interesting information Smile


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