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What is the benefits of deep Linking..?
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Hello friends,

 Please tell me,What is the benefits of deep Linking..?
Deep linking is the method of creating links that go directly to a specific page or product on a merchant's site. Deep linking has some benefits. And here are a few of them:

- adds value to the user;
- increase conversion rate;
- increase revenue;
- builds trust with user;
- more likely to invite a click;
- improve site content;

(12-17-2016, 03:04 AM)rehanamalik Wrote: Hello friends,

 Please tell me,What is the benefits of deep Linking..?

  1. Usability.Deep links can immediately get users to targeted information and thus decrease frustration (and site bounce rate, perhaps.) This, to me, is perhaps the most important point because (gasp!) it has nothing to do with either rankings or traffic. When have you heard that in a link discussion? This is about usability, and all the links in the world won’t make people want to use your site.
    Just because users get into your site through a link on another site does not mean that they want to dig for the information that brought them there. If they clicked on a link with the anchor text “chalkboard calendars for kids” then they don’t want to go to a homepage and have to search to find the products. This also looks a bit…spammy. If I click on a link, arrive at a page where the anchor text isn’t immediately apparent in the content, I’m not happy, and most times I’ll exit very quickly.

  2. Link Profile. Deep links can improve your overall link profile. As most anyone knows by now, a healthy backlink profile is not one-dimensional. It contains homepage links, subpage links, links with missing anchor text, links with “Click Here!” anchor text, links with fantastic anchor text, sitewides, footer links, in-content links, links from site you wouldn’t want to show your mother, etc.

    Organic link growth truly does happen in a somewhat random fashion, and if you have more than one decent page on your site, you should have links to those pages sprinkled here and there.

  3. Traffic.Deep links can grab traffic from new and varied sources. Let’s say that a site mainly sells punk rock vinyl but the site owner happens to have an interest in ska. There are fifteen punk pages on the site and only one for ska records, so obviously he’s not going to clutter up the main navigation with the one little ska page.If the page has good content, then of course you could find it ranking for a ska search but it would obviously get more targeted traffic from some quality deep links on relevant sites (not to mention rank much higher with some inbound links!)

  4. Rankings. Deep links can increase the amount of long-tailed phrases that you can rank for in the various search engines. Unless your homepage is cluttered with tons of long-tailed keyphrases, you’ll probably find that a lot of your long-tailed traffic is already going to subpages. Why not throw some links at those pages and boost things?

  5. Avoiding Penalties. Well, this one’s more of an ‘I hope it does” than an actual rule, but it makes sense that if a site ONLY has backlinks coming into the homepage, it looks a bit unnatural.
Deep linking refers to the link building process where the internal or product page is directly linked to the external domain. This helps to redirect traffic directly to the business or product page and generate more leads for your business.
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Deep links can promptly motivate clients to focused data and along these lines diminish dissatisfaction (and site bob rate, maybe.)
Deep links can enhance your general connection profile. As most anybody knows at this point, a solid backlink profile is not one-dimensional. It contains landing page joins, subpage joins, joins with missing stay content, joins with "Snap Here!" grapple content, joins with phenomenal stay content, sitewides, footer joins, in-substance joins, joins from site you wouldn't have any desire to demonstrate your mom, and so on.

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