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How to start writing a blog ?

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how to start writing a blog. Please share any tips or tetorrial or videos.

1. Setting up your blog correctly
2. Having a passion for your topic
3. Learning from others
read more at : http://www.theblogstarter.com/
First you have to finalise your keyword/niche
Then create a blog using Blogger/wordpress
and start posting article on a daily basis.
Thank you for all your useful tips on how to start a blog. I am just getting into blogging so there is so much to learn. Reading this post has given me pointers in the right direction. A problem I find with blogging which has not been mentioned in this thread is how do you get eyes on to your post? What would be the best way to get some free traffic to your blogging efforts?
First of all you need to search any topic that unique and useful for reader and do some research on topic and add some images and video with your content.
How to Start a Blog in Four Steps
1. Choose a name for your blog
2. Install your blog (takes about 5-10 minutes)
3. Customize your blog design and layout
4. Write your first blog post!

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