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Get your 100% DDoS protected hosting: 24/7 GSM Support, Spread network, etc..

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DDoS-GUARD is one of the leading companies on the European market of protection against DDoS attacks by price/quality ratio. We offer solutions as for the end users and for the corporate customers as well. Whatever you have: web hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, Game Server, Data Center or Corporate Network -   DDoS-GUARD  is here to protect you!  
Why us?  

Own geo-distributed protection network against DDoS attacks

DDoS-GUARD uses our OWN infrastructure with filtering nodes in different parts of the world: the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, USA and Japan. Our specialists are systematically working on upgrading the filters to improve the quality of service. We are NOT resellers. That is main difference between DDoS-GUARD and other companies (which are mainly resellers): in case of any atypical attack we can modify the filters - other companies work only within current filters setup and can be useless.   
OWN CDN (content delivery network)
This  allows to optimize the delivery of content over the Internet to the end users. The use of networks increases the speed of downloading digital content in the areas of presence. Our CDN nodes are located in the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, USA and Japan. The service is available for all plans. By placing data closer to the c, you minimize network connection latency, reduce the load on your server, and improve protection against DDoS attacks.
Protected IP transit (BGP interaction)
DDoS-GUARD  protects entire networks, enabling BGP routing. In this case customer’s traffic goes through our network, being filtered automatically.
SSL filtration
No additional configuration is required from a customer. The only thing a customer needs to do is to provide us with SSL certificate and RSA private key.
Technical support and NOC 24/7
First-line support is available around the clock and ready to answer any general question. You can reach them at phone, email, online chat and ticketing. Second-line support are NOC engineers who deal with non-standard technical questions and solve network problems.
Web caching
We store static content of a customer's website and transfer it to the user ourself, without making additional requests to the protected server. Thereby we reduce load on the customer's server.
It is a software mechanism, that enables our customers to retrieve a specific information about the service they use
As a free option we offer our customers and partners whose networks are linked to DDoS-GUARD's network to establish a peering traffic exchange across our networks through BGP. An extra advantage of DDoS-GUARD's peering partner is an opportunity to forward malicious traffic straight towards our network, bypassing uplinks and Internet exchange points. These advantage allows our partners to reduce costs for the purchase of dedicated lines and minimize the risks of overwhelming traffic exchange points of interconnected ISPs, thus decrease the probability of legitimate traffic loss.
DNS filtering
If customer's DNS is under DDoS attack, we can protect it. To do this, a resource of the customer needs to be transferred to our VDS or a dedicated server.
Our solutions (listed most popular plans):
Remote website protection
Up to 5000 visitors per day
Protection for 1 domain
Content caching
Protection up to 1.5 Tbps and 120 Mpps
Limited priority of support calls
HTTPS filtering is unavailable for this plan
GET it now
$1 000/month
Number of visitors is unlimited
Protection for 10 domains
Supreme priority of 24/7 support calls
Dedicated /28 network
HTTPS filtering is included
Content caching
Protection up to 1.5 Tbps and 120 Mpps
Personal solutions are possible
GET it now
Check more plans here:
Protected hosting
2 GB on server
Dedicated IP address
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
1 domain
10 subdomain
10 MySQL data base
Flex PHP version (5.2, 5.3, 5.4)
Database backup every three hours
Backup files once a day
Primary priority in processing requests
24/7 GSM Support
GET it now
Check more plans here:
Protected VDS
XEON 5520 3Core
100Mbps unlimited
GET it now
Check more plans here:
Protected servers
Location: Russia, Netherlands
2x Xeon L5639 (6 core)
2 x 1TB SATA (RAID 1)
1Gbps/100Mbps OnBoard
GET it now
Check more plans here:

Our benefits:
-    we guarantee 100% protection against attacks up to 1500 Gbps or 120000000 packets per second.  
-    The best price/quality for DDoS protection services
-    Minimum delays on packet  processing (we use own network)
-    intelligent  system of filters (can work with atypical DDoS attacks)
-    personal service  for each client
Got a question?
Feel free to contact us:  
+31 208 087 317
info [@]

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