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What is Semantic HTML?
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Hi friends,
           what is semantic HTML with simple example?

jeya vinoth.J
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Semantic HTML is the use of HTML markup to reinforce the semantics, or meaning, of the information in webpages and web applications rather than merely to define its presentation or look. Semantic HTML is processed by traditional web browsers as well as by many other user agents. CSS is used to suggest its presentation to human users
Semantic HTML or semantic markup is HTML that introduces meaning to the web page rather than just presentation. For example, a <p> tag indicates that the enclosed text is a paragraph. This is both semantic and presentational, because people know what paragraphs are and browsers know how to display them. In HTML4, tags like <b> and <i> are not semantic, because they define only how the text should look (bold or italic) and do not provide any additional meaning.
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Semantic HTML is the utilization of HTML markup to fortify the semantics, or importance, of the data in site pages and web applications instead of just to characterize its presentation or look. Semantic HTML is prepared by customary web programs and additionally by numerous other client specialists.
Semantics is the study of the meanings of words and phrases in a language.
Semantic elements = elements with a meaning.


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