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Java or php?
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Hi guys,
I'm planning to learn either java or php. Which language do you think will give better employment opportunity? 
About Me,
Am new to the forum, I have worked with multiple firms.
you can check Minimalist explainer video one of my work.
PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. PHP is a widely-used, free, and efficient alternative . I think ypu learn PHP
php is best .
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Java or php would regard learn with. JavaScript (unique in relation to java) is the thing that web improvement on the program/front end is finished with. Php or java is done toward the back. C++ isn't generally utilized for web improvement. JavaScript is an alternate kind if dialect than java/php yet there are great assets online for it since it’s the most widely recognized dialect (because of the web). Be that as it may, not very beyond any doubt if it’s the best first dialect.
Java and PHP both are good languages if depend on you which language you choose but when you learn PHP then you have a chance to get a job in web development company in Pakistan where we have professional PHP developer and you can learn Advanced PHP with our expert web developers.
php good
Go with PHP over the use of JavaScript. PHP is more search engine friendly compared to JavaScript. If any of the content you grabbing contains links, then the search engines will skip over spidering the links in your java script. Assignment Expert & I use PHP to call on my sites navigation menu and footer, this way I only have to make changes to one file and not every page on the site. If the data you are grabbing is part of a navigation system for your site, I would take it a step further and use CSS to style your links. 
They both are different, php is web based language while java is widely used for every platform, if you are looking for desktop and mobile go for java else for web development go for php.
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I’ve been on the client side of several PHP Web “services” and my experience is that they tend to be quite nasty. Too many different developers have been working on all kinds of solutions to make web services in PHP and often the wrong techniques are used, making it quite messy.

In one case, I was provided a library file that I could use to call his PHP web services. It was written in PHP, which I could not use since I used ASPnet instead. He could not provide me with a library for ASPnet and his web service had no options for any auto-discovery so I had to write the ASPnet code myself. And make sure it was kept up to date with that PHP library he had provided.

I solved this by making a simple console application that would convert the PHP code to C# code, with some additional tricks to get it all to work. Fortunately, I am very experienced at web services so I managed to create the client code that was needed, only to discover another problem…

Hald the methods of the web service did not work conform specifications, causing things to crash. The PHP library file I had was outdated and the developers hadn’t considered keeping it up to date. They actually did not even care that the service worked so I had to notify the client about all this, making it clear that this third party just did not want to cooperate and thus I could not continue on the project. Client did get the bill, though. He had to fight it out with this other party.

The second PHP web service that I once had to deal with had similar problems, but the developers behind it did care, so I got it to work in a similar way. They provided a PHP library and I converted it to C#. I could then use it and all went reasonably well. But again, no discovery of the service was possible.

In a third PHP web service, the developers had also generated and published a WSDL file so you could import those in some other language and POOF! You can communicate.

I have been calling dozens of other services that were written in various languages and most generally work quite well. I just have very bad experiences with PHP web services.

So, my advice? Go for Java!
I think you learn PHP

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