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Java or php?
i sure php
php have future
vote PHP
Java or php would respect learn with. JavaScript (special in connection to java) is the thing that web change on the program/front end is done with. Php or java is done toward the back. C++ isn't for the most part used for web change.

JavaScript is a substitute kind if vernacular than java/php yet there are extraordinary resources online for it since it's the most generally perceived lingo (in view of the web). In any case, not extremely without question if it's the best first lingo.
Java or PHP would respect learn with. JavaScript (exceptional in connection to Java) is the thing that we change on the program/front end is done with. Php or java is done toward the back. C++ isn't by and large used for web change. Java and PHP both are great dialects if rely upon you which dialect you pick yet when you learn PHP then you have an opportunity to land a position in web improvement organization in Uk where we have proficient PHP designer and you can learn Advanced PHP with our master web engineers.

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PHP scripts are run on the websites server and Java is run on the users computer.
This means that users computer must have a Java Runtime Environment available for the script to execute.
Java is better for large web applications and also better suited to android programming.
On the whole however I would say it is a draw.

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