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Please help me review this website about IM Video ADs
Answerpail.com Question and Answer Website
I have just created this website: http://imvideoadsreviewz.com/ for reviewing an upcoming video training course. 
I'm considering of changing the color scheme on my website. Do you have any ideas, please ? 

Thanks for sharing your knowledge Smile
look your site is Ok !
You must have a small video Smile It will improve yoru site rank more.
Web của bạn tương đối tốt, bạn nên viết nhiều nội dung hơn để người dùng có thể truy cập vào web của bạn nhiều hơn, sửa màu cho sự hài hòa tốt hơn.
I think you should add some videos about the product's features, how to use it.
And i think you also may add some more content to your review post.
Nice site btw!
Nice theme but Your content is short,not video.
But Your bonus page is very good.
And now How many sale did you reach???
nice sir
Informative rather than flashy.
Yes you should change the colours and perhaps add a video.
i think you also may add some more content to your review post.

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