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Describe about style sheets?
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Describe about style sheets?
A term extended from print publishing to online media, a style sheet is a definition of a document's appearance in terms of such elements as:

The default typeface, size, and color for headings and body text
How front matter (preface, figure list, title page, and so forth) should look
How all or individual sections should be laid out in terms of space (for example, two newspaper columns, one column with headings having hanging heads, and so forth).
Line spacing, margin widths on all sides, spacing between headings, and so forth
How many heading levels should be included in any automatically generated Table of Contents
Any boilerplate content that is to be included on certain pages (for example, copyright statements)
Typically, a style sheet is specified at the beginning of an electronic document, either by embedding it or linking to it. This style sheet applies to the entire document. As necessary, specific elements of the overall style sheet can be overridden by special coding that applies to a given section of the document.
(07-27-2017, 11:34 PM)spobitsseo Wrote: Describe about style sheets?

CSS is the acronym for Cascading Style Sheets, which is a language used to find and reformat elements created by markup languages (such as HTML).
i agree with 'jonny deep'!
jonny deep+
a style sheet is a collection of style rules that tells a browser how to various styles to be applied to the HTML tags.
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