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Do No-Follow backlinks work in SEO?
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Do No-Follow backlinks work in SEO?
No follow links don’t pass any link juice, they don’t help increase PageRank and doesn't help the site/page it’s pointing to rank any higher. Is this mean? Well no, not when you consider the alternative The no follow tag was introduced to help cut down on and prevent spam. You see, when people learned of the importance of links “pointing” to a site, some sites went overboard and started getting them by any means necessary. They would buy them, pay people to mass link to their site, abuse comments (by spamming their links), etc. just so they could increase their search engine ranking.
Nofollow is html tag that website owners, add to links in their website for the search engines not to crawl, notice, or acknowledge a link. While a nofollow link is ignored, but popular social networking site like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace sites are nofollow, but they do provide a lot of other benefits.
Yes no follow backlinks are helpful. No follow is a link attribute that instructs spiders not to crawl the particular backlink on the webpage. Hence these links are never indexed in search engines. They are only used to build traffic from various external webpages.
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no follow links are helpful to generate traffic for your website. Though these links are no crawled by search engines they are useful to get traffic for your website from various external sources.

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