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What is volatile keyword in Java?
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What is volatile keyword in Java?
Declaring a volatile Java variable means: The value of this variable will never be cached thread-locally: all reads and writes will go straight to "main memory"; Access to the variable acts as though it is enclosed in a synchronized block, synchronized on itself.
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It's probably fair to say that on the whole, the volatile keyword in Java is poorly documented, poorly understood, and rarely used. To make matters worse, its formal definition actually changed as of Java 5. On this and the following pages, we will cut through this mess and look at what the Java volatile keyword does and when it is used.
Volatile keyword in Java is used as an indicator to Java compiler and Thread that do not cache value of this variable and always read it from main memory .
Volatile keyword is a qualifier that is applied to a variable when it is declared. It tells the compiler that the value of the variable may change at any time--without any action being taken by the code the compiler finds nearby. A variable should be declared volatile whenever its value could change unexpectedly.
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