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What is Google PageRank
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Hello friends,

What is Google PageRank.....?

Google Page Rank is a mechanism in which Google uses to determine the value of an individual website. Pages that are the higher page rank, which are usually displayed at the top of search results. Google Page Rank has measures from 0 to 10, and in those pages which are better than 5. Google Page Rank is based on backlinks and also depends on the click.

Hope this helps you.
Google page rank is dead, New Strategy is Domain Authority by Moz.
Here is some tips to improve your Website's  Google Ranking

Google Rank Tip #1 - Keyword Phrases
A keyword phrase is the words you think someone is most likely to put into a search engine to find your content - basically what you think the subject of your page would be according to Google.

Google Rank Tip #2 - Keyword Density
One of the things Google looks for when it catalogs pages is the density of the keyword usage. In other words, how often the keyword occurs.

Google Rank  Tip #3 Name Your Pages
Give your pages a descriptive name with the attribute. This is vital. Google often displays search results as a link using the Web page's title, so write it like you want it to be read.

Google Rank Tip #4 Pay Attention to Links
One of the biggest factors Google looks at is the hyperlink. Google looks at both links to and from your website.

Google Rank Tip #5 Social Networking
Social networking sites can be a good way to promote a site, but it is unclear how much it will affect your rank directly.

Google Rank Tip #6 Make Your Graphics Search Friendly
Give your images attributes.

Google Rank Tip #7 Make Website Mobile Friendly
An increasing number of people are using their phones to search for content. You want to make your content mobile-friendly for the sake of good user experience, but you also want to do it for the sake of search.

Google Rank  Tip #8 Good Design Is Popular Design
In the end, strong, well-organized pages are pages that Google tends to rank higher.

Hope it will help you guys. Thank you
PageRank is a ranking system designed to find the best pages on the web. A webpage is “good” if it is endorsed (i.e. linked to) by other good webpages. The more webpages link to it, and the more authoritative they are, the higher the page’s PageRank score.

If one webpage links to a lot of webpages, each of its endorsements count less than if it had only linked to one webpage. That is, when calculating PageRank, the strength of a website’s endorsement gets divided by the number of endorsements it makes.

Note that this ranking is recursive, i.e., the PageRank score of one webpage depends only on the structure of the network and the PageRank scores of other webpages.
Google PageRank  is Google’s measure of  importance of a Web page on the Internet. The numbers rank from 0 to 10. The higher the number, the stronger the PageRank.
Google page rank is no more important as Google has stopped updating their page rank algorithm.
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Page Rank was the type of link analysis algorithm. But Nowadays It is not working. Nowadays DA & PA working.
Some website checker still consider the use  of Google Page rank on the website to check the authority of the site. The last time I checked my  Electrical Distribution Boards website on check page rank. Page rank is still activated and it is based on the DA & PA of the website. Is the website credible?
PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages.

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