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What is Google Analytics
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Hello friends,

What is Google Analytics....?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. This service is available to anyone with a Google account Google purchased Urchin Software Corporation in April 2005 and used Urchin on demand product as the basis of that company's current service.

Hope this helps you.
Google Analytics is a Google tool that used for track the traffic of your website and blog. Here you can measure your engagement, conversion on the basis of daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Google analytic is a Google tool and it is check website traffic, Tracking traffic. it is the best tool for checking traffic for a website and it checks which users through come to my website.
Analytics tracks website traffic, visitors, demographics, locations, page views, bounce rate etc. overall website information so that one can know there website performance. Use website analytics like GoStats. Its a free website analytics & hit counter.
Google analytics enables website owners to analyze their visitors, with the objective of interpreting and optimizing website's performance.
Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides statistics regarding your website's visitors. It measures things like site visits, page views, bounce rates, traffic, and more. Visualize what people click the most and which web pages seem to leave users confused to optimize usability.

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