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Does turning off a computer when not using it increase the lifespan?
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Does turning off a computer when not using it increase the lifespan of the computer?

If you turn off a computer when you're not using it for awhile will it increase it's lifespan or is it better to leave your computer on 24 hours a day 7 days per week?
Not sure about it actually increasing the lifespan but I keep my desktop computer running 24/7 unless I'm gonna be away from the house for more than one day or during a thunderstorm.

They say that constant start ups and shutdowns can lead to hard drive failure and other component failure in your computer.

It's much better to leave the desktop computer on so I can access it quickly without having to wait for it to boot up every time.

I don't even notice the difference on my electric bill from my desktop computer running 24/7.

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