Poll: Is it okay to set use a laptop on your bed?
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Is it okay to use A laptop while on your bed?
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I have a laptop and I really want to use it while I'm sitting up in my bed.

But before I do. I want to make sure I won't be harming it by doing this.

Anyone here use their laptop while it's sitting on their mattress? What's your experience with it. Does your laptop overheat when doing this?

I wouldn't do it too often. But occasionally it should be fine. I use mine on the bed in the morning and some at night. They can overheat on the mattress so do be careful.

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should not put laptop on your lap for long, cause its heat will harm to your lap skin if you use that way for a long time. Seperate it with something, just don't put it directly to your lap!
unsafe, first radiate heat from the laptop is not good for health, so more prone to fire, very dangerous. Not only laptops that all electronic devices such rates
be careful, it really is not good
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That's not good, sometimes it's okay but not often
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