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F1 Visa for GC fiance/spouse
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I am a GC holder and planning to get married this summer. My fiance got an admission offer from a University and going to apply for F1 visa. As she got partial scholarship, I am going to finance the rest. I need some help clarifying the following:
- F1 is a non-immigrant intent visa, so should she mention that her fiance is in US on GC?
- Can she show my bank account/pay-stub as her source of funding?
- Or should I transfer the money to her India bank account to show it as her liquid asset?
- Can a F1 student show funding coming from non-relatives in US?

Is/Was anyone else in similar situation. What did you do? Please help/advice.
Your GC would definitely be a negative mark against your fiancee's FI visa application. You checked this Form I-130 ?
Transferring funds to her in India is also fraught with difficulties in the sense that she might be asked to show the source of this sudden influx of money, which would nullify the purpose of this course of action.

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