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How Can We Neutralize a Toxic Link to Our Site?
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Hello Everyone,

How Can We Neutralize a Toxic Link to Our Site?
don't neutralize the toxic link, you need to just remove it by using Google Disavow Tool.
Through Backlink Quality Checker, you'll be able to grasp WHO links to your web site. Now, you have got to travel to 'Toxic link' report, wherever you may notice all the links, that square measure harmful to your websites. If there's any link in 'Toxic link report' that matches with the link on your web site, then you'll be able to take away it by victimisation 'Google
Use Backlink Checker tool and identify the toxic links to your website then make a list of that links and request Google for disavowing that links.
Its some type of spam so check in webmaster tool you should check all toxic links.

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