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Google Adsense or Chitika
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Hello, As you know Chitika is the best alternative of Adsense. Is anybody out there who is thinking the same or else ???
I've used Chitika in the past on a website and it was a great alternative for me to adsense.

I then found http://adclickmedia.com/ and started using them and was getting pretty good pay for each click. Sometimes I saw $2.00 a click.

The lowest click I got was 50 cents.

I'd still be using them but adsense works better for me now that I started using them.

Otherwise if I didn't use adsense I'd use http://adclickmedia.com/ as they seemed to pay better than Chitika.

But yes to me Chitika is a great alternative to adsense.

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I've been using Chitika but it's not much fun. AdSense is pretty sensitive. I'll try your suggestion chad, Thanks for the pointer.
True ! I also like your thoughts. Chitika is the best choice of Adsense
I hope to share and learn more from you guys.
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