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Can you buy a domain name forever?
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Can you buy a domain name forever?

Is it possible to buy a domain forever?
Although you cannot technically purchase a domain outright forever in one go.
You can however keep your domain for at least as long as you're alive by continuing to renew the domain registration and then if you have kids you can pass the domain down to them and then they can continue to renew the domain name and keep your website online and maintained for you.

The longest you can register a domain at a time is only 10 years which is a pretty long time. So you can renew your domain for 10 years at a time and then when a few years are up renew it again by a few years.

I plan to keep this forum and domain alive as long as I'm alive and able to keep it going and would likely sell it sometime in the future if I decide I no longer want to run it or become unable to run it in the future but that's hopefully a long way off.

I'm only 30 right now I likely will have this forum at least another 40 years when I would be 70 and the forum would be 46 years old.

Although 40 years is a long way off right now it'll be interesting to see what becomes of this forum when that time comes.

40 years is a long time to me because I've only been here on earth for 30 years.

So anyway if you want to keep your domain for a long time just continue to renew it as that's all you can do to keep your domain going on the internet.
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10 years is the limit
Technically speaking there is no way to buy a domain name forever. You can buy one for up to 10 years, and the registrar that you registered the domain name with should inform you of the expiration date so you can renew your domain name registration.

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