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How many impressions does it take to get a click on Adsense ads?
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How many impressions does it take to get a click on Adsense ads?

How many impressions on your website does it usually take to get 1 click on an Adsense ad on your website? 

I'm getting 500 unique visitors to my website and about 100 impressions per day but no one has clicked on my Adsense ads yet.
Out of those 500 visitors to your website only 100 of those unique visitors may be real visitors or visitors without ad block.

Those other visitors could be bots or have adblock installed where they don't see your adsense ads so they won't be able to click what they don't see.

You can make a little money with a click here and there with 500 unique visitors but you really need to get your visitor number up before you can really earn with adsense.

To earn around $1.00 per day you could need at least 1,000 unique visitors per day and sometimes more depending on your CTR and CPC of the ads.

I usually get 1 click on Adsense and other ads per 200 impressions but your results may vary.

To really earn good money with Adsense or other ads you need at least 5,000 daily unique visitors or more per month.

I'd focus on adding more quality content to the website and overtime you should see more traffic and once you get the traffic up you can earn more money.
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