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Need advice
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Do you smoke a marijuana? What do you think about it?
In my state, a medical marijuana is legalized. Not so long ago I was prescribed a medical marijuana for depression and insomnia. I didn't know anything about this plant before, I thought that it was only smoking to get high. I found a lot of useful information on the Internet, for example this http://www.ncsm.nl/english/diy/best-way-store-weed . I found information on how to properly store marijuana, what are the ways to smoke the marijuana in a healthy way, which strains can be chosen as an alternative to what I have been prescribed. I think that marijuana helps me a lot from depression and unlike antidepressants it doesn't cause dependence.
It depends on the person. Chemically though, smoking anything is bad for you, smoke contains all kinds of stuff you don't want in your body. Is smoking pot as bad as smoking cigarettes? Hell no.

In regards to the effects of partaking. Marijuana is a peculiar drug. THC causes a lot of different things to happen to the person who ingests it. I will however say that negative effects are few and far between for smoking (in colorado though there are many "pot tourists" that don't know how to dose their edibles, and have had horrible effects because too much of anything is a bad thing).

If you partake in the ganja, don't expect anything crazy. You will be pretty mellow, and if its your first time, you will probably sleep it off. Its ok.. It happens.

Some people experience paranoia, usually associated with "being high" and "OMG everyone knows I'm High!", whereas if you don't have this episode, most people won't know at all. You may eat a lot though.

You will be hungry! YAY! Munchies are the best. Food, and even foods you don't like, are awesome when you smoke marijuana. Totally awesome.

Sex. Sex is great when you smoke, (or imbibe in your prefered manner), Enjoy it.

All in all... It is a drug. It is not particularly dangerous. As usual with anything that affects your alertness, do not drive. Don't make life decisions, and don't worry about everything else. You're not gonna die if you try it.

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