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Smallest part of your body...?
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Hello Friend,

            Please tell me, What is the smallest part of your body...?
In the sense of an independently functioning body organ, probably it is the Pineal gland.
thanks for comment....
Conveniently, that would be the stapes. It is one of three tiny bones in the middle ear that convey sound from the outer ear to the inner ear. Collectively called the ossicles, these bones are individually known as the malleus, incus, and stapes.
The stapedius, in your middle ear, measures about 1mm in size (or 1/26 of an inch). Connected to the stapes bone, it contracts to pull back the stapes and help protect your inner ear from loud noises. The stapedius also contracts to keep your own voice from sounding too loud in your head.
Haha the smallest part of my body is my ears

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