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What is domain extension?
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Hello friends,

What is domain extension?
Domain name is used to address your website just like your name .Domain extension is basically top level domain .
Domain extension which is an Internet category is .com for commercial, .org for organization, .gov for government, .edu for all educational institutions.
Domain extensions, also known as Top Level Domains or TLDs, are the suffixes or the last part of a domain name - the letters that come after the dot to the right of any domain name. For example, most URL addresses end with .com - this is an example of a domain extension or TLD.
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Domain extension is the end part of a domain name after the dot (.) which defines the type of domain. Examples are .com , .net , .org and so on.
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An example of a domain extension which is an Internet category is .com for commercial, .org for organization, .gov for government, .edu for all educational institutions, .mil for military or .net for a network

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