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First famous person in the world...?
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Hello Friend,

           Please tell me, Who was the first famous person in the world...?
It depends how well known a person has to be to qualify as world famous but the first ones were probably God, Jesus or some British monarch in the 18th-19th century. The last habitable continent discovered by European explorers was Australia in 1606 but for the first hundred and fifty years or so contact remained very limited and the first colony wasn’t planted till the British set one up at Sydney Cove in 1788. Before that, the British and Dutch seafaring explorers had occasionally landed to trade and resupply so it’s possible at that point Cook or someone else showed the aborigines a picture of Jesus, though I don’t know at what point the aborigines actually learned English or Dutch so it could be explained to them.

If we exclude Australia then it’s probably still either God or Jesus thanks to the maritime expansion of the Spanish and Portuguese who by or during the early part of the sixteenth century had reached both North and South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and the East Indies with the English visiting North America then as well.
HI Everyone...........!
Jesus topped the list, followed by Napoleon, then Mohammed, The Independent newspaper reported. The first American on the list is Abraham Lincoln, who came in fifth. He was closely followed by George Washington, who was sixth, one place ahead of Adolf Hitler.

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