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How often should you update your blog?
One blog post a week is good. Though twice a week is better. If you want to keep readers coming back to your blog site (and get a more favorable impression with Google) then this is one of the best ways to do it. The problem would be if you have a writer's block.

If you have a writer's block then I suggest to free up your mind of all clutter and be, simply, happy. Then research extensively for more new and better ideas online or offline. Optimism and an updated mind can generate ideas.
To update content and images add frequently to crawl blog web pages faster to index them all search engines.
Becomes better for you to update your domain 2-4 times a week with fresh and unique content that will add value to your site visitors
While it comes to maintain blogs on which i have been work, i used to update posts twice in a week. I believe on a not very popular site search engines comes once in a week or two.
I update my blog once in a month. When new & unique content is available I update them in my blog. After updation I made few blog comments for link submission.
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Don’t be confused about how often to post on your blog. Give yourself time to work out a posting schedule that works for you, be creative and have fun with it because that’s what blogging’s all about.
I do it three times a week. And you ? .
Sometimes I wish I have more time to invest for my blog.
Post unique content blog post but not on daily basis. Share blogs on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, google+ etc. And definitely get many more traffic.
For a website you should submit your blog but it will have to be a unique content. one or two in a week and also share those blogs in social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc.
I used to only update my blog every week. Now I update it every 3 days and the traffic seems to have picked up from google and other search engines.

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