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How often should you update your blog?
I think the content of the new post is important more than amount of the post, Investing the content is necessary
I think once a week is enough.
When you have something important to say.
If you blog too frequently people might lose interest.
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I think it is advisable to update when you determine the luownjg access to your page is the least
Quality not quantity. BUT quality + quantity = best results Smile
adding good quality comments really help in getting google in indexing page again and again.. secondly adding external back links and inter connecting your blogs also help.
(02-23-2012, 02:52 PM)Robert Wrote: How often should a blog be updated to get the traffic from google coming in?

I currently update my blog at least twice a month. But should I be updating it more often?

How often do you update your blog?


At least once a week but it's better to update it everyday if you don't wanna to wait more time for money.
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I think ASAP. So you must write new content every day.

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