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Is it necessary to submit your url to google?
THank for sharing!google will send you email that you should avoid this step for continue ranking in SERPs.
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I do not think its necessary. but if you do it, no matter.
(06-29-2013, 09:20 PM)Jonaq2 Wrote: I'm starting up a new blog and the last time I submitted the blogs url to google and other search engines.

But is it really necessary to submit the url or will google and other search engines find my blog on their own?

began with the announcement of the website with google sitemap know
it is really necessary
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Just get some backlinks to it and google will find it
No I don't think so if in case your pages are not crawled by Google then you can submit those URL one by one through Webmaster.
No I don't think, as long as you don't have httaccess to stop it, then you good to go.
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You only focus share yr site on social bookmarking
to google index your blog fast
yes it is, it helps google index your post faster

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