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Buying Domains and parking them to sell later?

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What's your take on this? I see a lot of great domains that I would love to use. But they are all registered and just sitting there parked. I assume they were bought so they can be sold later at high prices.

Don't you hate it too when people do buy domains just to park them?
I don't like it either. But I usually find a better domain later on to register.
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They make money so why would that give it easily.
Last week i tried to buy a domain named in Go daddy. At the time it shows 4,890 rs and they had mentioned that the bidding will end on 4th November so i bid more than 500rs from the actual price. Today while am checking the domain it's bidding price is same as i bid but the ending date is extended to another 2 months. I don't know how to get this domain ???
Parking a domain for too long is a waste of money. I don't know why do this. Maybe to make sure no one is going to use the popular domain names out there.
Its unworthy these days. People having numerous of alternatives these days.
Buying Domains and parking them to sell late.

best idea for make money online. You can hunt cheap domain and sell it with high price
This is one of the most popular business in domain industry. I know some guys getting richer with this way. Buy with cheap price then sell again with higher price.
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People on Flippa are doing this business. That why I don't like them

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