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How much data does watching netflix use?

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I would like to watch netflix on my android phone which has a 10GB limit per month on the data plan.

Will I be able to stream netflix on this phone without going over my limit?
Netflix uses a lot of data. I notice when watching netflix on my android phone over wifi I was using 1GB for an hour an half movie on there. I recommend only watching netflix over your wifi connection and not a mobile data plan.

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Netflix uses up a lot of data and is not recommended to watch it over a mobile data plan. Though you could watch a few videos on the mobile plan. But I wouldn't be constantly streaming netflix videos on a mobile plan.

I'd use wifi for lots of netflix streaming.

You'll blow through your data plan otherwise.
Netflix uses up a lot of data, you should only watch Netflix via your Wi-Fi connection
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If you have a monthly bandwidth limit on your cellular data plan, it’s important to know how much data Netflix uses. How much data Netflix uses is dependent on the quality of the video you’re streaming. According to Netflix itself,
For Standard Definition, Netflix uses about 1GB of streaming data per hour.
For High Definition, Netflix uses about 3GB of streaming data per hour.
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