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Why do people hate Godaddy?
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Like the title says. Why do people hate godaddy?

They're a popular and big host so they can't be that bad right?

Otherwise people wouldn't use them?
Personally for me. The reason I hate them is because of the way they try and upsell everything when you try to buy from them.

Take for example. Trying to buy a domain, you came for a cheap domain? Didn't you? Look at all the things that are auto checked on the order page? They are trying to automatically sell you things you don't need.

And a cheap 50 cent domain could turn into a $50.00 domain before you get to checkout.

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Didn't they support SOPA at one time? I believe they did. That's probably one of the reasons. lol
The reason could be that they most of the time overprice things taking advantage of their brand value. However, its not bad to do that, but people doesn't take that way.
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I won't mention who they are but the host I currently use are very good and reliable. I guess you get what you pay !!!

Maybe Go Daddy supports the ill-fated SOPA. The bill that was meant to force websites to police their internal activities. Non-compliance will be dealt with accordingly.
(07-21-2013, 10:41 AM)Floridaray Wrote: Like the title says. Why do people hate godaddy?

They're a popular and big host so they can't be that bad right?

Otherwise people wouldn't use them?

Is it??...I haven't used them...Problem arises when the user does not get what is promised...when they sign the service.My advice is we should do great analysis before selecting a host.When choosing a host one should look for the reliability,reputation,support that the host provides.By looking through the user reviews one can get clear idea about the host because it will contain honest feedback.The host should satisfy the customer's demands without any hidden charges.Providers like 9cubehosting.com help the user to host at affordable rates with their quality service.
When you see their viral ads on Internet, they seem to like cheap but after getting into their network they'll suck your blood. And don't ask me about their 2nd tier hosting bills...Too high!!!
There are so many hidden fees, once you sign up, you will be charged including additional services which you do not want. There are some upcoming companies who hosts website in $1 only, no hidden fees. Go for them...Search for "$1 hosting" in Google

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I am using Godaddy. What wrong with it???
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