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Domain Registration Do's and Don'ts
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1. Never get your domain registration from your web host. Even if it's free.

If you get into a dispute with your webhost and they also administer your domain registration, the webhost will in all likelihood lock you out from your domains until the dispute is settled. If you have a separate registrar for your domain registrations and you get into a dispute with your webhost, you can simply sign up with another webhost and point your domains to their new home with little downtime. It's insurance. Well worth the couple of extra bucks a year.

2) Renew your domains before they expire.

The recommended policy is to renew your domains 1 month before they expire. Then, if there are any problems to iron out, you have the time to get them fixed without having to pressurized by looming Renewal and Redemption Dates, unresponsive registrars, etc

3) Do your research. Read the registrar's ToS before signing up.

All registrars are not made equal. Before deciding on a registrar you should do your research on each prospective registrar by reading forums like this one at WHT, google for "registrars-name complaints", by reading (and understanding) the registrars ToS. Try them out with 1 domain to get the feel of how you like the Control Panel, checkout, etc

4) Never do a chargeback with domains in your account.

All registrars consider a chargeback as fraud and will suspend your entire account until it's settled. So, in the event you desire to do a chargeback, transfer all your domains out to another registrar before initiating the chargeback.

5) Don't use emails for support. Always use the registrar's ticketing system.

Emails are an unreliable form of communication with your registrar. They are easy to ignore or to get lost. Some registrars hardly ever respond to emails. Look for the registrar's ticketing system and use that instead as a direct means of communicating with your registrar. It's usually found somewhere in their help system. Expect turnaround time to be 24-48hrs and longer over a weekend or holiday. Be polite and as clear and concise as possible.

6) Be wary of deeply discounted domain registrations. There's always a catch.

It costs registrars $6.25 for .com domain registrations. Anything under $6.75 has a high risk factor. That a whopping $0.50 for their overhead, administration and profit. Whew! no wonder they auction off our expired domains.
Source: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=564900
Good Article.

Another tip to keep in mind when choosing a domain.

You don't have to make the domain related to your site.

Take apple.com for example. The site isn't about apples at all.

It's about phones named apple. Or goodnites.com it doesn't have bed wetting diapers in the name. Yet that's what they're marketing.

Some successful sites have domains completely unrelated to their services/products.

Or google.com it doesn't mean search engine. But when someone tells you to search something they usually tell you to google it instead of saying search it on google. Smile
I'll remember these tips in my domain hunting spree, especially tip #6. There are a lots of domain hosting services that offer a substantial discount rates and of course, you get enticed by such move. It's a temptation.
Don't use emails for support. Always use the registrar's ticketing system.
Useful tip for me
Same with me. Tired waiting an Email support. Veryyyy long time.
So, I often using chat online support or sent privacy pm on FB or TW when need to get help.
I always use the support ticket

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